The Diversity that is Nurse Assistant Home Health Aide training

I am always in awe of the diversity of the students in our classes. To leave your home and all that is familiar to come to a country where everything is different and foreign to you is such a brave thing to do, especially if it means you must learn a new language. Our current class has students from Nepal, Ethiopia, Kenya, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Morocco, The Congo, to name just a few. Each student has the intention of working to support themselves and their family. Most are new to heath care but not new to the traditions and cultures of caring for the elderly. Many have the desire to take a first step onto that health care career ladder. They want to become registered nurses and hope to find that working as a nurse assistant will allow them to support themselves while pursuing further education. The next four weeks will be filled with reading, homework, attending classes, learning new skills, taking exams, going to clinical, taking more exams and finally completing the training. I have no doubt that the same courage and determination that spurred you to come to America will prove to make you successful in this Nurse Assistant Home Health Aide Training program.

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