Employment opportunities in health care

With the dual certification you will earn by completing the Nurse Assistant Home Health Aide training program at the Academy For Health Care Training you will earn two industry recognized certificates that will allow you to look for employment in various settings in health care.  The growing home care industry is one area that is always looking for home health aides.  Long term care (nursing homes), rehabilitation centers and hospitals hire certified nurse assistants.  Adult day centers hire home health aides as well as nurse assistants.  Assisted living centers hire either home health aides or nurse assistants.

When deciding which is best for you consider the following: accessibility- Is it on a bus/train line? Can I get my kids to school/ day care and still make it to work on time? How far is it from my home, my kids’ day care, my kids’ schools? Do I have to rotate shifts? Do I need a car? What is the hourly wage?  Do I get benefits?

Lots to think about before you even go for your first interview………………..

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