Home Health Aide Training

The Academy was very happy to collaborate with #Community Learning Center of Cambridge in training 16 woman of various backgrounds as #Home Health Aides at Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School.  The Program, funded by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), is a combined English/Math/Home Health Aide Training.  The students were from Somalia, Haiti, Cape Verde, Morocco,  Ethiopia and Taiwan.  Many of the students are Muslim. The class occurred during Ramadan, which is a fasting month for Muslims.  Despite this challenge, the attendance of all students, including those who were fasting, was near perfect.  Every student knew and apppriciated the opportunity to take this job training program.  They were engaged in the training, came to class prepared, and asked appropriate questions.  We will have a second DESE funded training in 2017. This next class will be English/Math/ Nurse Assistant Home Health Aide training.

Home Health Aide Training in Cambridge

The Academy for Health Care Training is so pleased to be collaborating with Community Learning Center of Cambridge in a DESE grant to train Home Health Aides.  The students are very diverse, in culture, age and education. This is the first round of training under the grant. We anticipate the second round, which will be a combined Nurse Assistant/Home Health Aide training to take place in 2017.   The training is occurring at Cambridge’s Ringe Technincal High School

In September we will be teaming up with Community  Learning Center for training Nurse Assistant Home Health Aides in an evening class funded by Comm Corp.  This training will also happen at Ringe.

Employment opportunities in health care

With the dual certification you will earn by completing the Nurse Assistant Home Health Aide training program at the Academy For Health Care Training you will earn two industry recognized certificates that will allow you to look for employment in various settings in health care.  The growing home care industry is one area that is always looking for home health aides.  Long term care (nursing homes), rehabilitation centers and hospitals hire certified nurse assistants.  Adult day centers hire home health aides as well as nurse assistants.  Assisted living centers hire either home health aides or nurse assistants.

When deciding which is best for you consider the following: accessibility- Is it on a bus/train line? Can I get my kids to school/ day care and still make it to work on time? How far is it from my home, my kids’ day care, my kids’ schools? Do I have to rotate shifts? Do I need a car? What is the hourly wage?  Do I get benefits?

Lots to think about before you even go for your first interview………………..

New site opens in Andover!!

We are thrilled to tell you that the Academy for Health Care Training has opened a second location in Andover.  We are located at 6 Campanelli Drive at American Training Inc..  LARE has made us feel very welcomed.  Our current class comes from a variety of funding sources including  the MetroNorth REB, Mass Rehab, and LARE.  We are anticipating running an evening class as well.

The Diversity that is Nurse Assistant Home Health Aide training

I am always in awe of the diversity of the students in our classes. To leave your home and all that is familiar to come to a country where everything is different and foreign to you is such a brave thing to do, especially if it means you must learn a new language. Our current class has students from Nepal, Ethiopia, Kenya, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Morocco, The Congo, to name just a few. Each student has the intention of working to support themselves and their family. Most are new to heath care but not new to the traditions and cultures of caring for the elderly. Many have the desire to take a first step onto that health care career ladder. They want to become registered nurses and hope to find that working as a nurse assistant will allow them to support themselves while pursuing further education. The next four weeks will be filled with reading, homework, attending classes, learning new skills, taking exams, going to clinical, taking more exams and finally completing the training. I have no doubt that the same courage and determination that spurred you to come to America will prove to make you successful in this Nurse Assistant Home Health Aide Training program.

Are you ready to be a nurse assistant?

Are you ready to be a nurse assistant?  After all the reading, studying, testing, practicing, leaving your child at day care, buying a few sets of scrubs, figuring out how to get to clinical on time, caring for your resident at the nursing home, passing clinical, taking the final exam and finally sweating through the state exam, WHEW!! I am tired just thinking about all that you have been through!!

HOORAY!! You are now a State Certified Nurse Assistant. You are ready. You have worked hard to get here.  Be proud of yourself, be confident in yourself, be professional.