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What is the entrance test?

The entrance test is a basic reading comprehension and math test at a sixth grade level.

What is the difference between a Home Health Aide and a Certified Nurse Assistant?

A Certified Nurse Assistant must complete a 100 hour training program, pass a state certification exam in order to be placed on the Massachusetts Nurse Aide Registry.  Nurse Assistants can then work in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and hospitals as part of a health care team.

A Home Health Aide completes a 75 hour training program and receives a certificate.  You can then seek employment through a HHA agency

Do I need a high school diploma or Hiset to take this program?

You do not need a high school diploma or HISET to take this program.  You will need to take our entrance  test and pass in order to enroll in the program.  If you have a college I.D. the test will be waived.

What immunizations will I need for this program?

A negative TB test or Chest X-Ray and proof of Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) is required for this program. The TB test must be current within one year. If you had the Chest X-Ray results beyond one year it is acceptable. A flu shot is also required during the season.

Do I need a social security number to take this program?

Potential students wanting to enroll in this program are required to have a social security number for Academy staff to process a Criminal Offender Record Information(CORI) request.  A social security number is also required to sit for the Massachusetts Nurse Assistant Certification Exam upon completion of the training program.

What skills will I learn in this program?

Students will be taught the proper way to move patients and the basics of personal care, feeding, and bathing, range of motion exercises and the proper way to safely transfer residents.  Other skills covered include taking vital signs (temperature, pulse, breathing, and blood pressure, and how to respond to patients emergencies like choking or falling.

Is there a clinical internship during this program?

The clinical internship occurs the last 4 days of the day program at a local nursing home.

Do you offer just the Nurse Assistant Program?

No, our dual certification program gives you the advantage of being trained for many health care jobs, and increases your chance of getting a job after graduation.

What certificates will I receive after completing the program?

A Nurse Assistant and Home Health Aide Certificate.

Do I need to wear scrubs to class?

No, dress is casual in the classroom setting. You will need to wear scrubs with white shoes for clinical. Per DPH requirements no clogs or open toe shoes will be allowed.

How do I apply for the Nurse Aide State Exam after graduating from the C.N.A/HHA program?

After completing the Nurse Assistant Training Program you will be eligible to sit for the Massachusetts Nurse Assistant Certification Exam. Academy staff will assist you with the application process for this exam.

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